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PANIOLO SAUCE                                        Richard Murata

I give the credit for this sauce to Richard Murata who was the food "guru" at the old TransPacific Restaurants.  He probably "borrowed" the concept from somewhere else but I still need to credit him with this taste. much as you want!

1 part Teriyaki sauce (TERIYAKI SAUCE)

1 part Kraft basic BBQ sauce

1 TBSP mochico rice flour per cup of teriyaki sauce

Place  TERIYAKI SAUCE in a pan and gently bring to a boil.  Per cup of sauce, add about 1 TBSP of mochico/water slurry.  Cook until thickened to a BBQ sauce consistency.

Combine equal parts of thickened TERIYAKI SAUCE with Kraft BBQ sauce.  Brush on items you wish to bake or bbq such as ribs or chicken.  If brushing on a BBQ item, do it after the meat is cooked for the last few minutes of cooking as the sauce has a lot of sugar and will burn.