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Often seen names . . .

People helped make these recipes.  I have tried to include all of the non-professional ones in the following listing.  If you feel your name should be listed, send me a recipe!

C.B.                                      Chuck Braden

Kale Braden                       Our eldest son 

K.F. Braden                         My wife, Kathy Braden, work name "Kate"

Mike Braden                        Our youngest son

Mike and Laura Chong        Hang out with Papai Street people

Scott Chong                           One of Mike and Laura's sons

Shirley Dusendschon       Grew up on Papai Street

Keoni Fairbanks                  Grew up on Papai Street

Faucette                                 My wife's family (maiden) name

Steve Gold                            Grew up on Papai Street, makes cookies              

Rondi Braden Leonard      My sister

Papai Street                           The street I grew up on

Laura Pitts                              My sister-in-law, my wife's sister

Pressburg                                Sharon (Kale's ex-wife, Joel & Mary, Sharon's parents)