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APPLESAUCE CAKES (4)                         Faucette family

Line four loaf pans with aluminum foil

4 sticks butter or oleo
3c. Sugar
4 eggs
8 c. sifted flour........................mix w. flour 4.c. raisins
                                         4 c.. chopped pecans    
4 tsp. Salt
4  "   baking soda
4  "   cinnamon
1  "   powdered clove
4  "   sweetened applesauce ( canned or homemade) heat up !

Whip butter until fluffy, add sugar, eggs.

Sift together dry ingredients

Add alternately with hot applesauce.

Fold in floured nuts and raisins 

Divide evenly into 4 loaf pans. 

Bake them in a 325 degree oven until done (don't you just love family recipes with vague instructions)

Cool to room temperature. Freezes well. 

Substitutes: raisins: 2 15 oz. Boxes of puffed seeded muscats

             Can use broken pecan pieces.