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BARBEQUED PORK RIBS                   C.B. basic

 I wish I could say that after all the mediocre BBQ pork ribs I have had over the years the right way to do them suddenly came to me in a dream.  Not so!  It is not so much the sauce as it is the way they are cooked.  Be it dry rub, marinade or a last minute baste, the ribs still have to be cooked so they are tender and taste like the succulent items they are. 

Sam Choy, a locally renowned chef and very successful restaurant owner wrote a cookbook titled “Cooking From the Heart with Sam Choy” that was published in 1995.  Recipes in this book have provided many great meals for my family and close friends.  He cooks simply!

What came out of this book was a recipe, really a procedure, for cooking barbeque pork ribs.  The sauce is great but the cooking methodology is even better.  And it is so simple!  Use whatever sauce or dry rub or marinade you want (even use the one from Sam’s cookbook.)  Whatever you use, keep it simple.  Pork has a very deep, simple taste and texture.  Keep what you cook with your pork simple and basic so you can always appreciate these qualities. 

So, what do we do. 

For every 2 slabs of ribs[1] you need to do the following: 

enough water to cover the ribs in a large pot
enough salt for the water so that it starts to taste like ocean water
4 cloves of garlic, whole, but lightly crushed
a piece of ginger about 2 inches long and sliced in half lengthwise
2 green onions, whole

Cut the ribs into several portions (2, 3, 4, or 5 ribs per portion).  Place ribs in a stockpot and cover with water.  Add enough salt to make the water taste salty.  Add garlic, ginger and green onions.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes to one hour, or until ribs are tender. 

Remove ribs from water and drain.  While still warm, or after reheating them, brush with your favorite dry rub, marinade, or sauce and heat over live coals, gas BBQ, or in a hot (400 degree) oven until heated through and marked the way you want.  Sam has an outstanding BBQ sauce in his book that is perfect. . . . but you probably have your own great sauce selection.  Sounds simple?  It is!  This is a definite “try!”

[1]  This could be whole rib slabs or the “baby back rib” slabs that seem to be made up of ribs that are all about 4" long and identical.  Either is fine for this procedure.