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BASIC BRINE FOR BRINING               Everyone knows this


(Double this recipe for a 14-16# turkey) 

about 1 cup salt

about 1 gallon cold water 

Combine ingredients (Sorry guys, but you don’t need a Cuisineart for this recipe!) & stir until salt is dissolved.  Chill brine mixture.  Place in a big pot and soak up to about 6# of turkey, chickens, pork under refrigeration for a minimum of 6 hours. Figure on about 2 hours per pound of poultry for best results.  Make sure there is enough liquid to cover whatever you are brining. 

Remove whatever you brined and cook it as you normally would.  Really keeps meat moist.  You can actually overcook it a little and it stays moist.  Brining causes the meat to absorb both the salt and some of the liquid into the meat.  You will not have to salt the exterior of the meat as the salt “flavor” is throughout it.   

Options: As this process draws flavor into the meat, other things may be added to the brining
 mixture.  I suggest 3 -7 cloves of garlic roughly smashed, 1 tsp. whole peppercorns, 3 - 5 bay
 leaves, up to 1 cup of sugar or other sweetening, etc.  Experiment!