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Chuck Braden

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BLACKENED AHI SASHIMI                               Basic

Ahi block, 1 - 1 ˝ X 2 X at least 4 inches

extra virgin olive oil

Paul Prudhomme Cajun Pork & Veal Magic©             seasoning (you might want to try one of the “rubs” in the last section of the book, but start the first time with this one by Paul.  You can find it in most supermarkets and is a good introduction into Creole seasonings


Lightly coat fish in olive oil and roll fish in the spice.  Heat dry fry pan to very hot (smoking) and cook ahi a few seconds on each side.  Check your ventilation as this might set off your smoke detectors.

Serve sliced thin on a bed of shredded cabbage.  Japanese hot mustard and soy (shoyu) dressing on the side is optional.  Figure about 4 oz. fish per person being served.  This is a chopsticks item.