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July 4 2006 Chinese Chicken Salad                         Sunset Inspired

Serves 6 - 8

4 cold poached chicken breasts in ˝ inch cubes

1 head Chinese cabbage, finely shredded

3 navel oranges, peeled & segmented

1/2 # asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1 ˝” lengths

Vegetable oil to fry the won ton wrappers

8 wonton wrappers cut into ˝” strips

4 green onions, sliced on the diagonal, 1 ˝” lengths

          1 lg. ripe avocado cubed


Cook asparagus in boiling water for approximately 2 minutes until just crispy tender, plunge into ice water to stop cooking.  Drain asparagus and set aside.  Put about ˝ inch of vegetable oil in a pot and heat to 350 degrees.  Drop in wonton strips, half at a time and cook for about 30 seconds, or until just golden brown….or a little darker if you desire, drain on paper towels. 

Combine cabbage, asparagus, chicken and toss with about ˝ of the dressing.  Add additional dressing if needed.  Top the salad with orange segments, wonton strips and then green onions. 

Dressing is as follows….. 

4 TBSP brown sugar or palm sugar
4 TBSP rice wine vinegar
3 TBSP low salt soy sauce
1 ˝ TBSP Sriracha or similar Asian red chile sauce
3 TSP grated fresh ginger
˝ Cup vegetable oil
2 TSP Oriental sesame oil 

Whisk together all ingredients except oils 

Drizzle and whisk in vegetable oil, whisk in sesame oil, add salt to taste.