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FILET OF FISH MACADAMIA ANNETTE                     Stolen

For those of you with gobs of macadamia nuts to use up, here’s a recipe that will not strain your stash too much!  Annette from Pittsburgh (has lived in Hawaii at least twice so is a sort of Hawaii type person!) has lots of nuts and needs to use them up! 

If you are not comfortable cooking this, show the recipe to your fishmonger[1] and ask for assistance.   

For 2 servings, you will need: 

2 steaks or fillets white mild fish such as halibut, mahi mahi, etc.       2 tbs clarified butter
about 6 – 7 oz  each, maybe ½” thick                                           2-3  oz  dry sherry
2 oz  macadamia nuts                                                                  1 oz unsalted butter
Freshly ground white pepper                                                        1 tbs parsley stalks
Freshly ground salt                                                                       Juice of 1/2
1 egg yolk

First prepare: 

Mix egg yolk, clarified butter and half of the lemon juice.  An easy way to mix this is with a pastry brush. Chop parsley stalks finely. Grate or finely mince nuts. Warm sherry.

Now cook! 

1.    Season fish with pepper and salt, brush with egg yolk mixture and press nuts into each side.

2.    Melt clarified butter in frypan over medium to medium-high heat. When hot add fish and fry just over 2 minutes on each side. Add heated sherry and set alight. Add chopped parsley stalks. Place fish on a heated serving dish. Add butter and remaining lemon juice to frypan, stir to loosen all particles and pour sauce over fish. 

A special hint: 

The egg, butter, lemon juice combination is essential to success of dish. Without it the nuts scorch. 


Yes, even if you are Presbyterian!  Fairly rich white such as a Chardonnay as the nuts and butter are a rich (and expensive) combination.

[1] This is a person that “mongers” or sells fish!