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FLANK STEAK POKE’                                            Roger Dikon


7          pounds flank steak, trimmed and peeled
1          TBSP. Hawaiian red rock salt, lightly crushed
1          TBSP. fresh ground pepper
3          medium sweet (Vidalia, Maui, etc.) onions, julienne cut
5          medium vine ripened tomatoes, halved, then sliced
4          TBSP. finely chopped garlic
6          TBSP. ginger root, finely chopped
3          TBSP. Inamona (ground roasted kukui nuts) you may substitute 6 TBSP. chopped dry roasted peanuts to get the same consistency
2          cups shoyu
2          TBSP. dark sesame oil
3          TBSP. Patis (oriental fish sauce)
6          small Hawaiian chili peppers, finely chopped (substitute other hot peppers - enough to give it a little bite, but not overpowering)
1          cup green onions cut into ˝" lengths

Season the flank steak with the salt and pepper and grill until medium rare.  Set aside, covered, to keep warm.  Combine all the other ingredients except the chili peppers.  Add the chili peppers to taste.  Slice the flank steak on a bias (diagonal) and cut into approximately 1" pieces.  Mix the meat with the Poke’ sauce mixture.  Serve while still warm, preferably with steamed rice.  Use short grain “sticky” Hawaiian style rice - no uncle Ben’s here!