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WITH BLUEBERRY DRESSING            6th Street Grill, Eugene


This needs a little commentary.  Kathy and I were in Eugene for Mikeís (our youngest sonís) college graduation in 1999.  He took us to this restaurant for lunch a day or two before the ceremony.  The salad was wonderful.  When I asked the waitress for the recipe, she brought over the chef who talked about how he put the dish together.  I got most of it down on paper but was having difficulty concentrating because of the pearl stud he had on the top of his tongue that looked like a blob of spittle!   

4 - 6     ounces of fresh halibut (other firm white fish may be substituted)
1 cup of spicy salad greens, mescalin
enough fresh Blackberry Salad Dressing to just moisten.
Salt and pepper then grill fish, put on top of greens, drizzle dressing over top to taste.


BLUEBERRY DRESSING                         6th Street Grill, Eugene

2          cups fresh blueberries
1          egg white
Ĺ         cup rice wine vinegar
Ĺ         cup ice water

Blend all.  Tighten and sweeten with a little honey.