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GARAM MASALA                  Indian basic


This recipe (and the following one for Curry Powder) is added because our younger son, Mike, introduced a bunch of us to quality Indian cooking the day of his graduation form the University of Oregon in June 1999. 

1 TBSP. ground cardamom (2 TSP. cardamom seeds)
2 TSP. Ground coriander (2 TSP. Coriander seeds)
1 TSP. Ground black pepper (1 TSP. Peppercorns
TSP. Ground cloves (heaping TSP. Whole cloves)
TSP. Ground cinnamon (a 2 inch piece of cinnamon stick)
TSP. Ground nutmeg (1/2 whole nutmeg, cut into chunks)

If the ground spices are guaranteed 100% to be fresh, they are O.K. to use.  Otherwise, dry-roast the whole spices in a hot pan until very fragrant before grinding them.  Store in an airtight container.  Add to curries or pilafs toward the end of the cooking time.  Buy an Indian cookbook and you are on your way!