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HANAMA`ULU CHICKEN                                         Monica Engle 

Chicken & marinade 

2              pounds boneless, skinless chicken thigh or breast meat cut into roughly 2” pieces
1              TSP salt
½             TSP Aji (Ajinamoto or monosodium glutamate)
8              TSP sugar
1              TSP vinegar
8              TSP shoyu (soy sauce)
1              TSP white or red wine (color irrelevant)
1              TSP sesame oil (the Oriental dark kind)
1              TSP oyster sauce (again, the Oriental stuff)
2              cloves garlic, minced
2              thumbs fresh ginger, lightly crushed (how does one crush something lightly?)

Coating mixture

1              cup flour
1              TSP salt
1              TSP Aji
½             TSP fresh ground pepper

vegetable oil to shallow fry the chicken in


Combine chicken and marinade ingredients and soak overnight, refrigerated.  Put enough oil in a fry pan so that the chicken will shallow fry.  Heat oil to medium, not quite smoking.  If it begins to smoke, it is too hot.  Mix coating mixture ingredients.  Drain chicken pieces from marinade and coat with the flour mixture.  Gently shallow fry until chicken is done on both sides. 

Serve as entrée item or as an appetizer.