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HOMEMADE ROLLS                                     K.F. Braden

(Holiday traditional) (Another “orphan” recipe title!) 

(Amounts, for 1/2) 

(1)2 yeast cakes or (1)2 dry pkg. Dissolved in (1/2)1 cup warm water.                   
Add (1/2)1 cup more warm water,
(1)2 beaten egg,
(1/2)1 tsp. Salt,
(1/2)1 cup sugar,
(6tbs)3/4 cup soft shortening,
Sift in (2)4 cup flour, stir until flour is wet,
Leave in bowl until risen double,
Add (1/4)1/2 cup flour and work in.
Leave in the refrigerator (covered) until ready to roll out.
Roll out fairly thin at least two hours before baking,
Put on a greased baking sheet after dipping half of each cut out circle in melted butter, fold in half, let rise. 
Bake at 425 for 10‑12 minutes.