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Chuck Braden

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HOT BUTTERED RUM                                                            Braden traditional (stolen)

1               heaping teaspoon Hot Buttered Rum Batter (see Hot buttered Rum Batter)
1 ˝ oz.     good quality rum (light or dark is O.K.) Do not use a “flavored” or very flavorful rum as the batter masks the      rum taste
Boiling water

Preheat a coffee mug with boiling water.  Put batter into a mug.  Add Rum.  Fill mug with hot water.  Stir well.  Adjust quantities as you make these to get just the combination.  After 3 or 4, you will find your self skipping most of the water and putting in those whole cinnamon sticks that have been in your spice cabinet for the past 9 years.  Go for it. 

 Especially good on Christmas eve or any time you feel like a Hot Buttered Rum.