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LAPSKAUS                        Norwegian traditional

Rondi Braden Leonard


“Dear Chukker, I finally found the lapskaus recipe! It is from a small cookbook called

Notably Norwegian by Louise Roalson and here is the recipe..... 

Norwegian Stew

1 ½ C diced uncooked beef
  ½ C diced uncooked pork
    1 onion, diced
1 ½ C diced cooked corn beef
    4 C diced raw potatoes
  ½ t. pepper

Cover beef and pork with water and boil slowly for half an hour.  Add

remaining ingredients and cook until tender.


Chukker, I have to admit that one sounds awful...........

 The one I remember Mom making was a bit more simple.

 Boil water, add peeled, chopped potatoes and when about 3/4 done drain a

large amount of the water out ( save if you have drained too much to add

back in later if necessary) and add chopped onions and hamburger and stir

continuously until all cooked. The consistency is like porridge.  Add lots of

salt and use white pepper and add butter to taste. I have always considered

this comfort food along with lentils like Mom made. We still make it.

Everyone groans when I tell them I am going to make it but strangely enough

I never have any leftovers!  Sorry I don't have any actual amounts it is

just a touchy, feeling, looky thing for me to make it!


I never saw Mom actually write out the name but to be "correct" you should

probably spell it the way it is written here.