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LILIKOI  CURD                                                    K F BRADEN


5 egg yolks
1 cup sugar (1/2 cup if using sweetened concentrate)
1 TBS lemon juice
1/3 cup lilikoi puree/juice
1 stick butter (1/4 pound), cut into pats and chilled

Bring all ingredients to room temperature except butter....then add enough water to a medium saucepan to come about 1 inch up the side.  Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat.  Meanwhile, combine egg yolks and sugar in a medium size metal bowl and whisk until smooth, about 1 minute.  Add lilikoi and lemon juice to egg mixture and whisk smooth.  Once water reaches a simmer, reduce to low, and place bowl on top of saucepan.  (Bowl should be large enough to fit on top of saucepan without touching the water and large enough to whisk thoroughly.)  Whisk until thickened, approximately eight minutes, or until mixture is light yellow and coats the back of a spoon.  Remove promptly from the heat and whisk in the butter a piece at a time, allowing each addition to melt before adding the next.

Either remove to a clean container and cover by laying a layer of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the curd keep refrigerated for up to two weeks, or

Place in clean, boiled canning jar, seal and boil under water for ten minutes.  Cool and tighten rings completely will last on shelf for approximately six months.  Keep refrigerated once opened. 

Makes 1 pint.  (Do not try to do more than a double batch at a time)