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LOOING SAUCE                Chinese basic


4 cups water

1 cup light soy sauce

1 cup dark soy sauce

1 star anise

˝ cup Chinese rice wine or dry sherry

5 TBSP. sugar slices fresh ginger


Mix all ingredients in a stainless-steel pot and bring to a boil.  You can simmer or Chinese “cold poach” any kind of meat with this sauce.  Never cook any kind of seafood as it will ruin the sauce.

Use sauce over and over again and keep in the refrigerator between uses.  Bring to a boil each time before using.  Flavors change and mellow.  Add some of the ingredients over time as flavors change. You might want to enlarge the ingredients to make at least a gallon.  I keep a gallon jug of this master sauce in the refrigerator.  My sauce is at least 10 years old!