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6‑LAYER MOCHA TORTE                             K.F. Braden


1 pkg. deluxe yellow cake mix
24 oz jar orange marmalade
5 tbs. cornstarch
1lemon peel grated
1 can Duncan Hines milk chocolate frosting

Bake cake as directed in 8" round pans

Cool, remove, and chill

Make two frostings: 

In pan heat marmalade and cornstarch to boil(looks clear), add  grated lemon peel, cool. 

Prepare milk chocolate frosting if pkg. and not can.

Cut each round of cake into 2 layers. ( I found it easy with a  piece of sewing thread held tightly between hands and drawn  evenly through) spread 1 c marmalade mix on bottom layer, add  layer of cake, spread 1/8" mocha frosting, continue to alternate  layers. On top of cake if desired add chocolate curls made from  peeling layers of a solid chocolate bar.