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M.O.L.[1]  WHITE BEANS                Betty Faucette[2]


I wrote this recipe down on a piece of scratch paper after asking Mrs. Faucette (that’s what I called her before I married her daughter) how she made her white beans.  I think I was relatively new to Southern cooking and had possibly never had great, simple white beans before.  I am trusting that you know how to cook beans as this recipe is written exactly as I put in down (in pencil, no less) on  lined scratch paper: 

“2 cup Grt. N. Beans
soak w/as much water
1 ½ ham hock
salt w/1 TSP.
1 medium onion (yellow)
- watch & add water if needed after bringing to hard boil
- needs 4 hrs. (bubble)”

The “Joy of Cooking” has wonderful instructions for cooking simple white beans. 

[1]Mother In Law

[2]My mother in law