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Chuck Braden

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MUSTARD GLAZED HAM BUTTS                                Faucette


2   2 lb. to 2 lb. smoked boneless shoulder butts 

Remove wrappers, wash butts in cold water, place in large deep kettle. Add water to cover mixed with:

               1 peeled clove garlic
               6 whole cloves
               2 bay leaves
               4 pepper corns 

Simmer covered 2 hours or until tender (save liquid to cook beans in!)

Remove to shallow baking pan or iron skillet. 

In sauce pan mix:

2 tbs. Salad oil
2 tbs. Mustard
c sugar
10 tbs. Ketchup
6 tbs. Cider vinegar

Simmer until blended, pour over butts. Bake in 375 degree oven for 25 minutes.