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SANGRIA, SMALL BATCH                                     C.B Original

C.B. version of classic Spanish recipe, w/assistance from Laura and Willie Pitts.  We had to drink this five times to get it right

1         lime thinly sliced
1          lemon thinly sliced
        orange thinly sliced
1         lg apple, cut in half, cored and thinly sliced
1          bottle dry red wine, Spanish preferably (better if chilled ahead of time)
3          oz  brandy
            chilled club soda to taste ( I suggest 1 24 oz. bottle, chilled)
3           oz granulated sugar  

Combine all ingredients except club soda and stir to dissolve sugar.  A little more sugar can be added to taste.   Chill in refrigerator until well chilled.  Add up to 24 oz. Chilled club soda to mix and serve, ice is optional, definitely need in each glass if the sangria is not chilled ahead of time in the refrigerator. 


Use a dry white wine (inexpensive) & add 1 sliced very fresh peach