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SCRAPPLE                      Basic


I became interested in food because my mom was a fairly good cook.  I remember her looking up recipes in her “Gourmet” cookbook to find new and different things to prepare.  My did could boil water and fry scrapple.  Scrapple came in a can.  My dad would open the can, remove the scrapple much like a whole glob of cranberry jelly.  He would then cut half inch slices and fry them in a skillet with a little butter.  It was served with either butter and salt & pepper or with Log Cabin syrup. 

Log Cabin syrup is still around but I have not seen scrapple for a while.  So, here is a recipe you can use to make your own. 

3 pounds pork neck bones
4 quarts water
2 TSP. Salt
1 TSP. Fresh ground pepper
2 TSP. Whole sage leaves, rubbed
1 TSP. Savory
3 cups cornmeal

Simmer the pork bones, covered, in plain water for 1 ˝ hours.  Remove the bones and let cool.  Save the liquid you cooked the bones in.  Remove the meat from the bones, you should have 2 - 3 cups of meat.  Throw away the bones. 

Heat 3 quarts of the stock and add the salt, pepper, sage and savory.  Bring to a rolling boil and gradually stir in the cornmeal, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.  When thickened like a mush, about 15 minutes, add the pork and cook for about another 20 minuets, low heat, stirring occasionally.  Pour into loaf pans and refrigerate.  To serve, slice 1/4 - ˝ inch slices and pan fry in hot fat with a little butter added.  You might want to dust the scrapple with a little flour as this will make it brown a little nicer.  Cornmeal doesn’t brown real well.  Serve plain or with syrup, Log Cabin preferably!