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SWEET MOLASSES HAM                         Braden traditional 

10 - 14 pound bone in ham
4 tbsp. whole cloves
Tsp. allspice
1 cup dark molasses
2 tsp. dry mustard

Trim skin off of ham.  Leave at least in fat.  Score about 3/4 inch w/ sharp knife in a diamond pattern.  Stud the ham with the whole cloves.  Cover w/foil and cook in a 325 oven for about 30 minutes.  Mix molasses, mustard and allspice.  Glaze ham and cook uncovered for about 1 more hours.  Baste every 15 minutes.

I prefer a Farmer John ham.  If you have access to a Lay's ham from Lay's packing company in Knoxville, use it.  This is a great holiday ham that may also be prepared in a gas or charcoal  using indirect heat at about the same 325 degrees.  You only need to really get the ham really warmed through as it is fully cooked........but really hot also!