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SWEET POTATO SALAD                                             Waianae Coast Diet

 8 portions

1          # Purple sweet potatoes, cooked and cubed
1          # Sweet potato or yams, cooked and cubed
1          small Maui onion, sliced thin
        green bell pepper slivered
        red bell pepper slivered
        yellow bell pepper slivered


1          tsp. salad oil
2          tbsp. honey
1/4       cup vinegar
3/4       tsp. salt
1/4       tsp. dry mustard
1          clove garlic, roughly crushed but intact
dash black pepper
dash Worcestershire
small bay leaf

Combine potatoes, peppers and onions - chill for one hour.  Combine dressing ingredients and also chill for one hour.  Remove garlic and bay leaf and pour dressing over salad.  Chill for one more hour.