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UAL TROPICAL TRAIL MIX                                          UAL

United Airlines may now have one of the worst reputations in the world when it comes to caring for their passengers.  Having flown over 80,000 miles with them in the past few months has left me with only one positive experience . . . the little bags of “tropical” style trail mix. This is what they  serve when not serving those nasty mini pretzels or horrendous other little baked snacks in small bags.

I experimented a little and came up with these proportions only because they are the proportions you can get the ingredients in here in my neighborhood.

1 11 oz. bag of dried papaya chunks, cut into 1/3 - ˝ inch chunks.
1 10 oz. bag of dried pineapple wedges, cut into 1/3 - ˝ inch chunks
1 9.5 oz. can of cashew halves
1 6 oz. can of roasted/salted almonds

Combine all ingredients and store in ziplock bags.  Robb Young & I took this mix for our recent trek through Haleakala crater on the island of Maui.  We are both still alive.  Draw your own conclusions.